DESKO NEPTUN Chrom Keyboard with magnetic stripe reader

NEPTUN chrom® is an integrated keyboard that can read passports, ID cards, visas and magnetic stripe cards such as customer loyalty cards. But it can also withstand water and dust which makes it unique and the must-have keyboard for every check-in counter.

The entire keyboard, not only the key matrix but also the swipe slot at the back, is dust and water resistant according to IP54 regulations. This means that the NEPTUN chrom doesn´t mind a spilled glass of water. It stays fully intact even if water drops are running down the keys or the swipe slot. This unique feature will decrease downtimes and repair costs dramatically and makes sure that the NEPTUN chrom supports you 24/7.


Machine-Readable Zone (OCR): ISO/IEC 7501-1 and ICAO 9303

Magnetic Stripe (MSR): 3-track

Standards: ISO 7811 and IATA 122c, 722e

USB Bus powered: no external power supply


RFID Module: ePassport reading, according to ISO 14443 (A/B), ISO 7816, ICAO 9303

Encrypted Read Head: for encrypted data transfer

Smart Card Reader: standard ISO 7816


Machine-Readable Zone: e.g. passports, ID cards, drivers´ licenses, visas

Magnetic Stripe: e.g. customer loyalty cards, frequent traveler cards, credit and debit cards

Smart Card: e.g. credit and debit cards


Pointing Device


Available in black and white color

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